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  3. 国際シンポジウム「中近世の宗教史-ヨーロッパと日本からの視角」


科研費基盤A「ヨーロッパ中近世のキリスト教世界の多元性とグローバル・ヒストリーへの視角」(代表:甚野尚志 早稲田大学教授)の一環で、今度の日曜日から1週間イタリアに行き以下のワークショップで報告してきます。先ほどやっと報告原稿が出来上がり提出したので、ずいぶん気が楽になりました。

Fernanda Alfieriさんとお会いするのも楽しみですし、イタリアのシトー会研究者Guido Cariboni さんも参加するので、とても有意義な研究交流ができそうです。


Medieval and Early Modern Religious Histories: Perspectives from Europe and Japan

Second Meeting
Trento, 11-12 December 2015

11 December 9.30
Welcome and Introduction
Paolo Pombeni (FBK-ISIG, Trento)
Takashi Jinno (Waseda University, Tokyo)
Fernanda Alfieri (FBK-ISIG, Trento)

Session I: Politics and its Narratives
Chair: Fernanda Alfieri
Takashi Jinno (Waseda) Political Metaphor and Imitation of Nature in the Medieval “ Mirrors for Princes”
Serena Ferente (King’s College) The Body Politic and its Passions in Late Medieval Italian Political Languages
Elena Bonora (Parma) – Animal Imagery in Sixteenth century Italy: a Political Use
Taku Minagawa (Yamanashi) Peace-understanding of the Political Theologians of Holy Roman Empire in the End of the Religious War
Federico Barbierato (Verona) Political Astrologers and the Cabinet of Providence. “Popular” Politics, Public Discussions and the Rheme of Secrecy in Early Modern Italian Towns

11 December 15:00
Session II: Encounters
Chair: Takashi Jinno
Toshio Ohnuki (Okayama) – Comparative Study on Contributions of the Cistercians to the Communal Life of Parishes in Medieval Germany
Guido Cariboni (Università Cattolica) The Cistercian and the Laity in the Thirteenth Century Italy. The Familia Monastica
Kazuhisa Takeda (Waseda) Introducing Christian Social Discipline among the Amerindians: the Confraternity System in the Jesuit-Guaraní Missions of South America
Michela Catto (FBK-Isr)- Intellectual Independence of the Philosophes: Tolerance and Dignity in the Jesuits’ Letters from China

12 December 9:30
Session III: Perceived bodies
Chair: Federico Barbierato
Giovanni Ciappelli (Trento) The Body in Early Modern Egodocuments. Representation and Identity Construction
Fernanda Alfieri (FBK-Isig): Mapping the Body for the Salvation of the Soul. Spanish Scholasticism on Marriage and Sexuality
Mayuho Hasegawa (Tokyo) An Anatomist’s Gaze on Bodies and Skin in Early Eighteenth Century: Perception of Mind and Body in Transition

Final discussion perspectives and projects
Lucia Dolce (Soas, London)

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